Acquiring producing royalties is a key focus of our strategy.

Greg Owen, SVP Operations

Our Vision is to build a world-class gold royalty company that generates exceptional returns for shareholders.

Our Purpose is to offer investors superior exposure to gold with reduced risk and a high growth profile.

Elemental Altus Royalties takes a disciplined, highly selective and rigorous approach to royalty acquisitions. We seek quality, advanced royalties across established and emerging mining regions that share exceptional potential for resource growth. We build upon the growth value of quality, accretive, revenue-generating acquisitions. Our intent is to never overpay, to acquire clean royalties without caps or buybacks, and to work with industry-leading operators.

The discovery strategy leverages the our expertise and proven ability to identify and rapidly advance early-stage, high-value potential assets. Once a discovery has been made, project funding is met from joint venture partnerships, reducing risk and preserving capital. Income is generated through JV milestone payments and a minority equity position in the project is typically retained, providing longer term optionality. Finally, the company retains a royalty which provides long-term cash flow potential once the project enters production.